How to measure a month

When I started this I actually couldn't imagine being here right now.  A month in, done with one program and about to start another and totally being happy and at peace. With wellness, health, fitness, movement, and most importantly, myself. Just as I am and where I'm at. 

It's natural to go to the scale to sum up my experience so far here.  To tell you how much I've lost and you decide if it's good enough. It's so easy to rely on the scale, to be motivated by it and to be derailed often. It's an easy way to measure how great of success I've had with the amount of weight I've loss each week, but I won't. There's so much many more things worth measuring and celebrating from the last four weeks. How do I measure my month of success at Hilton Head Health without mentioning the pounds? 

Here's how. Celebrating all the non-scale victories this month. 

Showing up to the unknown and jumping in with a smile. Every single day. 

Finding movement that I LOVE doing and know I'll incorporate into my life when my time is finished here. 

Being aware of the habits that have been holding me back from a healthier life. Talking about them, working on them daily. 

 Trying things I never thought I would try before being here and feeling comfortable doing them. Kayaking. Hip hop dance. Pilates reformer. TRX. Things I would never sign up for before, and signed up for even if I wasn't sure. 

Rewriting the story I've always told myself about my body and ability. 

Being open to new information about diet, fitness, health and emotions. Not being scared of the stuff I don't understand and wanting to understand it. 

I'm no longer out of breathe from walking to and from my cottage. 

Improving my benchmark times over the month and shaving at least two minutes off on each of my activities. Parking lot circuit, indoor mile, pool benchmark circuit and THE OUTDOOR MILE. 

Not being able to do a squat on day one. Being able to do many squats (low ones) at the end of this month. 

Lowering my blood pressure and cholesterol. Something my doctors have shamed me about for years but never worked with me on improving. 

Feeling muscles start to form. 

Being honest with myself and you daily. 

Trusting the process but staying curious about it. 

Seeing my skin start to clear and stop taking my acne medicine. 

Opening up to the other ladies in my group and building relationships when it would be easier and more comfortable to go it alone. 

Eating mindfully and slowly something I never did before. 

Waking up easier and earlier in the morning and having more energy throughout the day. 

Getting up from sitting after a long period of time and not having my feet hurt anymore. 

Being told I'm strong and knowing it. 

Not focusing on the number on the scale but going off of how I feel instead. 

Looking forward to the next month ahead. To taking the things I've learned this month to using them in all I do from here on out. 


Where were you a month ago? Celebrate where you are now no matter where else you think you should be. 


<3 Sarah 




I'm posting the photos below not to dissect and discuss how my body has changed or to receive compliments but to honor where I was on that first day and where I was on that 30th day. THAT is worth celebrating. <3 


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