The Seasons Change and So Do We

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{The seasons change and so do we} As November approaches and the leaves are changing around me, I’m changing too and about to embark on another adventure that I can’t wait to share with you soon. Just when I thought leaving NYC and moving to Greenville was my big change for 2017 - life surprises and brings opportunities, ones that I had never thought/ dreamed of.
I’m doing something that I’ve never really done before which is scary but also so beautiful that chances for change can leave us speechless and scared and excited at the same time. It’s all of the above currently over here 🙋🏻 and more on all of it soon, but in the meantime make sure to pause today and soak up the brisk fall sunshine and feel those leaves crackle under your feet and think about how this season has brought change to your life... maybe without even realizing it 🍂🍁✨
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