Where everybody knows your name

A part of my heart will remain in this corner, this space at 1263 Pendleton even after The Village Grind moves across the street after today. If you’ve been there even only once, then yours will too.

The sweet smell of lavender mochas and morning buns, Sunday donuts and the unforgettable fragrance of brunch burgers next door through the shared space. The window where the light pours in. Where the rain hits the glass. Where the people pass, walking by waving and smiling. I smile back. I see them. They see me. The sound of the coffee grinder whirring occasionally but always at the exact moment when he tries to tell me something. We laugh every time it happens. I love those moments. Where so many words have been written. Where so many stories have started and been told. Where I’ve spent full days on the corner sofa talking with friends old and new instead of doing anything else. You’ve maybe been one of those friends. Entire days. It’s worth it. Always worth it. And I always leave more inspired than when I arrived. Always. My friends behind the counter that have become my friends in front of the counter. The connections, conversations and constant company Lindsey & co. have cultivated here.

It will continue. Like an inspiring conversation that remains after you’ve left it. Like a warm hug that keeps you comforted after it ends, these feelings continue after The Grind closes at 4pm and we’ve all gone home. After this original, special, one of a kind place transforms into the new, special one of a kind place - it all remains. Honoring the old and looking forward to the new- can’t wait to settle into my new window seat across the way on Wednesday.



Sarah Polite