Stand in your truth



{Stand in your truth even though you’re scared. Speak your truth even if your voice shakes. Live your truth no matter what anyone else thinks.}

A year ago I quit my job in TV- the one I’d been at for 9 years in a career I’d been in for 14 because of a dream that I’d had for as long as I can remember. I didn’t leave for another show, promotion or raise. I left to come here. For change. In search of a better quality of life. Hoping for health, happiness and simply because I felt like I needed to be here. And so I came. Without my next big career move in place or even a paycheck. The hustle and grind suddenly stopped after hustling and grinding for so long. To do that-to walk away without the next thing lined up maybe didn’t make sense to most, but it felt right to me. Reckless to some, rewarding to me. For so long I made decisions out of fear, and after some hard work I stopped. It was exhausting- the fear. I started listening to my feelings instead. It was freeing-to feel. To do what was right for my heart and soul not what I thought others needed or what looked good. To do what I deserved. Not making decisions for worry of disappointment.

Truth is always there. Even when fear wants to cover it up, and we forget about it, truth remains, asking to be set free even if it’s quiet at first. And so I did. I set it free. When the day came to speak the words that had been there for some time - they flowed. You know those conversations you think of all the ways they could play out?  The ones that scare you? This was one of those. But as I said the words “I’m leaving” I actually smiled as I said them. It was effortless and easy - Just like me in that moment. Should it have been harder? No. Because - it was my truth and I was just speaking it.

Once the words came out and I started digging them out from the dirt and fear that were covering it, smothering it for so long, it got easier to continue. At first my voice was a whisper and then it shook. I continued speaking. My truth started to grow from deep below. And as I continued to share it and speak it, the stronger and stronger, louder and louder my voice got, my truth got until it became the only thing I’ve spoken since.

Sarah Polite