October Air at Greenbrier Farms and Bonfire Social

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The October air was crisp on our lungs and we drank beers under the twinkle lights, swaying to the music and enjoying food off the fire. Yard birds and smoked sausages and roast vegetables - the most delicious food off the fire. The event ended but the party continued and new friendships formed. We sipped cold brew and daydreamed, a lot. In between ideas I kept looking up at the stars soaking it all in and thankful to be there, to be here knowing those daydreams would all come true. It was one of those special nights that happen once in a while to remind you that those are the moments that you want more of. 
Then next morning I woke up sore from laughing so hard and smelling like campfire and knew there would be many more like it. 🔥🏕 #yeahthatgreenville #itscamp

LifestyleSarah Polite