A Visit to Restaurant 17 in #YeahThatGreenville

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Sometimes you get to visit a place nearby that feels like you're far away while taking your breath away @hotel_domestique @restaurant17 does just that in #yeahthatgreenville.

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"I need your help with this" he said and then instructed me how to turn the burner off once the broth bubbled up and infused all the delicious herbs and flowers above it. I was mesmerized at all the colors and freshness that would soon flavor the broth and it was an interactive and magical start to a special meal and something I've never seen before

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This is the white pozole with Benton's bacon, octopus, hominy, avocado purée and pickled radicchio and then the warm flavorful broth that was infused in that herbaceous beaker was poured around it

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A beautiful dish full of new things I'd never eaten before that night which always makes for a delicious adventure - Fried sunflower buds and grilled chicken hearts with manchego and sauce gribiche🌻

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Every dish had the most beautiful flowers on it and the colors made for the most beautiful photos. I love when the food eaten looks exactly how it tastes so you can be right there along with me enjoying it too! This is the orecchiette carbonara with charred Brussel leaves, guanciale and egg yolk

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One of my favorite food memories is enjoying ripe and juicy summer tomatoes with my grandmother growing up and just eating them with a little salt so this panzanella salad made me happy as it was dressed in a shallot vinaigrette with some challa bread, red onion, red peppers and mixed Asian greens. My mouth waters again thinking of those tomatoes 🍅

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You would think this flower was the star of the show (but seriously,
it's a passionfruit flower and I've never seen one before and got so excited and squealed when the dish was brought out because it's so gorgeous) but underneath it is a delicious poached Alaskan halibut on top of forbidden rice and a Cajun provencial

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And just when I thought my meal and night couldn't get any sweeter this local fig tart came to the table with pistachios, pomegranate molasses and goat milk ice cream. 

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